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Proposed Canon

Wrigley is a Unaroyal soldier. A stabber-class Infantryman, he was a spearman. He served many turns, mostly as a guard, in the City of Unaroyal, and then travelled with Royal Crown Coalition forces to Unabrow, Unatard, Bohica, and Warchalking. He took part in only two battles, both at Warchalking, the first when Coalition forces (mostly Marbits) took the city from Gobwin Knob, and again as the defending Garrison when Gobwin Knob retook it. In neither battle, nor at any other point, did Wrigley ever stab or croak anyone.

Wrigley was croaked by a Gobwin Knob Knight in an execution of all the prisoners after the reclamation of Warchalking by Gobwin Knob.

Real World References

Wrigley Field is home to Major League Baseball's Chicago Cubs, who are famously "cursed" and have not made an appearance in the World Series since 1945. This futility is perhaps referenced in Wrigley's having been a Stabber all his life without stabbing anything.