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Proposed Canon

Certain animals or wildlife exist in Erfworld that are not part of a side. They are not Units, but can be interacted with by units.

Animals can be killed by Units. They can then be used to create provisions, or their constituent parts may be utilized as resources to create useful items (fur rugs, and so forth).

Known Animals

  • Pigeons
  • Rats
  • Fish
  • Horned Sheep
  • Bugs
  • Mosquitoes



Transyvitians and non-humanoid units like doombats and gwiffons can eat animals raw. However, Men (and possibly other units, like twolls), cook food over campfires. It is unknown if this is necessary to make the animal's carcass into provisions, or if it is just habit. This is important because if the weather prevents building a campfire, Men would be unable to cook and eat wildlife in the hex and would be forced to draw from their provisions.