Western Giants

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Proposed Canon

The Western Giants are a non-capital side. Their units are all heavy mountain-capable Giants.


They are large, beefy Humanoids wearing spiked shoes, black helmets with a thin bill in front and one ear flap and armed with long thin clubs, which they wield with deadly accuracy. They are as tall as Woodsy Elves, but stronger and wider.

Known Allies

The Western Giants have been natural allies to the following sides:


As masterminded by Charlie, the Western Giants broke their alliance with Jitterati suddenly and without warning, joining with Faq while the three forces were all inside Valdez, and setting off combat across Jitterati territory.

Glad I've finally found soetminhg I agree with!

Real World References

Specifying Western giants leads to the conclusion that the reference is to the San Fransisco Giants of Major League Baseball (USA/Canada). The speculation that they use "juice" is a reference to steroid-fueled baseball players, notably accusations against now-retired Giant Barry Bonds.