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Side: Homekey (formerly Numloch)
Level: 2

Proposed Canon

Weatherbug is a level 2 city currently belonging to Homekey. It previously belonged to Numloch.

Located in a narrow pass in the Epic Mounts, the city looks like a site worth having; without control of the pass, a Side would have to detour through nine rocky hexes. Due to being located in a permanent and very heavy rain hex though, it has been conquered, ceded, razed, rebuilt and traded many many times.WB2014 Digdoug - Episode 1

Digdoug was sent to Weatherbug to upgrade its defenses. He was able to give much of the water a route to leave the city. He was also able to upgrade the city's lightning rod into what he called a "storm tower trap" before being ordered to leave. This storm tower trap was able to harness the permanent storm by absorbing lightning to charge up the tower and later release it upon enemies.

All talking Homkey and Delkey units were croaked thanks to Fate, but the storm tower trap made a significant difference in defending against Numloch. They took heavy losses from this trap, causing them to retreat before they could finish taking the garrison.

Real World References

WeatherBug is a company that provides live weather data and maintains a network of automated weather stations. Notably, they also operate a dense lightning sensor network to track lightning in hurricanes. (souce: wikipedia)