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Proposed Canon

Warlord is a unit that has Leadership ability[1][2]. That special (or natural) ability allows Warlords to lead other units in combat and grant a bonus to units under their command.


On some occasions terms Warlord and Commander are used interchangeably.[3]

However, Commander is a more general term since Casters are Commanders too[4], but they do not have Leadership ability.


Infantry units can be promoted to warlord in the capital (although at a high cost).[5]


Apparently, warlords can be trained in cities.

Apparently, Chief Warlord is not a separate class, but rather a subclass of Warlord. Overlord seems to be a separate class of units (Overlords grant units in their stack a bonus[6], but it is not clear whether that bonus comes from Leadership ability or as a result of some special rule).