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This page describes Fanon-level fan-created material. It does not conflict with Erfworld Canon, but it is not official.


War Beasts are a class of unit. Some are humanoid in form, but none are sapient. There are two types of War Beasts: Greater War Beasts and Lesser War Beasts. All tend to be referred to as "War Beasts," unless specific mention of Greater or Lesser status needs to be made.

Greater War Beasts are powerful and dangerous units and tend to be heavies. In addition, many of them also have to be physically restrained when not in battle, which may be indicitive of a low obedience; which in turn may cause them to either attack without orders or pose a physical danger to their own side. They radiate malice and hostility and it is extremely difficult to get them to stop fighting once they have engaged in combat. Greater War Beasts are frequently used as shock troops due to their ferocious combat capabilities. Due to their long production time, high upkeep and the inherent difficulty in controlling them, even sides that can pop them do so sparingly.

Lesser War Beasts are usually not heavies. While no less vicious, these Lesser War Beasts tend to rely on large numbers to compensate them for their relatively weak abilities. They tend not to need restraining between battles, but have similar control problems when battle is joined.

War Beasts may not be used as mounts.

Known War Beasts

Greater War Beasts:

Lesser War Beasts:

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