Wanda Firebaugh

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Wanda Firebaugh is a Croakamancer in the service of Lord Stanley.



Race: Men
Tribe: Croatan (lost tribe)
Class: Caster (Croakamancer)


Wanda originally served King Banhammer of the Kingdom of Faq, but, following its destruction at the hands of Stanley the Plaid, was presumably captured by the Plaid and converted.

Wanda has supplemented Gobwin Knob's rather meager forces by using Croakamancy to animate fallen troops as "uncroaked". In particular, all of Stanley's remaining warlords, after the death of Lord Manpower the Temporary), are uncroaked. Wanda is also capable of handling a wide variety of other magicks, but is not really interested in any besides Croakamancy.

Another contribution to the war effort was made by practicing her "hobbies" -- torture and interrogation. After Jillian Zamussels was captured and brought to Gobwin Knob, she was subjected to torture and a magic spell (presumably Thinkamancy) and persuaded to reveal Prince Ansom's battle plans.

She also serves as Stanley's chief adviser, being both highly intelligent and adept at persuading him to adopt her suggestions and think they were his idea all along. Most notably, she persuaded Stanley to spend the bulk of the treasury on a spell to summon a "Perfect Warlord" with the military genius to salvage Gobwin Knob's untenable situation. The result was to summon Parson Gotti into Erfworld.

Notably, although Wanda is not originally of the Plaid, she appears to believe in Stanley as she obeys his commands and serves his side without being under any loyalty spells.

Wanda has recently come into ownership of the Arkenpliers.