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A white shirt and red tie, with black bodice. Legs are not clearly shown, but pants are suggested since she does not appear to ride side saddle. Red riding gloves. White hat with skull motif.
A white shirt and red tie, with black bodice and red pants. Red riding gloves. White hat with skull motif.

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Wanda has made frequent costume changes throughout the series, and has in fact had more costumes than any other two characters combined.

Turn 1 and 2

Wanda pose.jpg

A Black, white, and red robe, with red pointed toed strapped boots, red gloves, and a white skull in her hair.

Turn 3

Wanda White.JPG

A small white leather tank top and leather pants with red strings. Red boots and white gloves. Worn at the beginning of a torture session with Jillian.

Turn 4

Wanda Gray Halter.JPG

A gray halter top and pants, worn while relaxing after a torture session with Jillian and again later with Parson in the library at night. It appears again on Turn 8, in the war council after RCC seizes the Outer Walls.

Wanda Red Tie.JPG

A white shirt and red tie, with black bodice and red pants. Red riding gloves. White hat with skull motif.

Turn 5

Wanda Red Black Dress.JPG

A red and black backless dress that reveals ample cleavage.

Wanda White Robe.JPG

Worn with the intent of fast removal, this is a short white robe with red blotches that intentionally resemble blood stains. On the left breast, the red blots form into a pink skull with red eyes (click on image for higher-resolution version which makes the pink skull much clearer). The robe is closed by a red sash.

Turn 6

Wanda Gi.JPG

This Gi is worn during a philosophy lesson held by King Banhammer. It is a simple, two-piece, greenish suit with a skull adornment in the hair.

Wanda White Red One Piece.JPG

Actually worn either early in the fighting with the RCC before the comic starts, or as far back as Faq's era, this is a white and red one piece, worn with thigh length red boots and a skull adornment in her hair.

Turn 7

Wanda Black Red One Piece.JPG

Initially, this outfit appears to merely be a black, hooded robe, but once the energies of her casting come into play, the robe flies back to become a cloak, revealing a Red and black one-piece. A skull-topped staff accessory completes the ensemble.

Turn 8

Wanda Black Red Battle Gear.JPG

For the Croakamancer on the go, this simple... cha right... Its red and black armor with a skulled helm and goat's head topped staff.

Wanda Dance Fight.JPG

An homage to Michael Jackson in his Thriller video, this red and black suit is made for dancing.

Turn 9

Wanda Red Black Two Piece.JPG

This ensemble appears after Wanda finds and attunes to the Arkenpliers. It is a black and red... Uhm... something. I really dunno what this is technically called. Oh, right, yes I do. It is FAN SERVICE.

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