Volcano Uncroaking

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RCC units react to their imminent demise due to the uncroaking of the volcano of Gobwin Knob on Page 137


This final, and most successful, of Parson Gotti's plans during the Battle for Gobwin Knob occurred on the final day of the battle. In a desperate ploy to destroy the remaining forces of the Royal Crown Coalition, Parson ordered Maggie, Sizemore, and Wanda to link and to bring the extinct volcano below Gobwin Knob back to activity. The resulting explosion destroyed all of the RCC, and all but a few of Gobwin Knob's defenders.


The plan required the following resources:

The Plan

Parson and the forces of Gobwin Knob had been forced into the Dungeon Zone. Ansom had been croaked, but Lady Sylvia Lazarus had grasped the reins of the Royal Crown Coalition and pressed home the attack on all sides. Encircled, the defenders had no hope of escape. Parson retreated as far as he could, choosing the Portal room as the place of the final stand, because at least there, the Casters alone could escape the onslaught by taking the Portal to the Magic Kingdom. Parson ran the numbers on his Mathamancy Bracer, and determined that the fight was hopeless. He told the Casters this, and suggested it was time for them to leave through the Portal to the Magic Kingdom.

The three casters all realized that he hadn't ordered them into the Portal, and Maggie suggested that it was because of the Summoning Spell that brought Parson to Erfworld. The spell had the effect of disbanding him if he ever disobeyed orders, and so he could not order the casters away, because he may still have a hope for victory. Parson revealed an inner suspicion: he had been planning to put his gamers back on Earth through a game they could not win without cheating, and to ensure that happened, he planned to cheat them if they ever started winning honestly. He suspected this was happening to himself, and so to win, he needed to cheat.

Parson ordered the three casters -- Maggie, Sizemore, and Wanda -- to link and uncroak the volcano. This was done, and they performed the assigned task. Parson, hearing the task had succeeded, hesitated then ordered the linked Casters through the Portal. With the volcano collapsing around him, Parson leapt into the Portal himself, guessing that this might send him back to Earth (citation needed).


The Royal Crown Coalition was destroyed down to the last man. There were no survivors. The city of Gobwin Knob had been reduced to Level 1 before the plan was hatched, and was further damaged in the explosion, but remained a Level 1 city, capable of producing Units and rations. Only a few uncroaked and two rock golems survived.

The three Casters were safely removed from the Caster Link by their comrades in the Magic Kingdom. Parson wound up in the Magic Kingdom, much to his own surprise, and after a brief stint with unconsciousness, returned with the others through the Portal to Gobwin Knob.

There were side effects of the explosion.

The terrain in the vicinity changed, but most importantly, Sizemore had noticed that there were still pockets of gemstones in the mines previously thought defunct, so he tried to control the explosion such that the largest of these would become available. His success resulted in Gobwin Knob becoming the most profitable real estate on Erfworld.

The croaking of Lady Sylvia Lazarus left the Arkenpliers unclaimed. Wanda sought them immediately upon exiting the Portal, found them, and immediately attuned. The explosion left many corpses for the Master-class Croakamancer, including that of Prince Ansom. The Arkenpliers allowed her to decrypt Ansom into a new type of Unit -- one with sentience and a form superficially identical to a living human, with most of his memories and all of his Levels restored but with no upkeep costErf-b1-p145Same-site.PNG, a new attitude conducive to working for Gobwin Knob and Parson, and probably enslaving him to Wanda (though his words seem to indicate an allegiance to Gobwin Knob). Wanda also decrypted a large number of units much as she had uncroaked a large force earlier, providing Gobwin Knob with a new army to replace the one lost earlier, most likely larger and more powerful, and definitely including new unit types. It is unclear if the parts of the previous uncroaked army (of Jetstone and Marbit troops) which was destroyed is part of this decrypted force, and if so, whether the decrypted uncroaked units return as uncroaked or their original unit type and level.

Gobwin Knob is probably still below its military strength at the beginning of the Battle for Gobwin Knob, but it has defenders, Warlords, Casters, several dwagons, two Arkentools, Parson Gotti, and the resources to rebuild.

This section is incomplete, because some of the results are still not known. The losses to the RCC troops are known to have been total, but not how much this was relative to their Side's total strength. Stanley afterwards used the wealth of the gems to rebuild the city as a level five city, with natural defenses of eternal lava pools raising it to a theoretical 8.