Vinny Doombats

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Vinny Doombats
Race: Transylvito Vampire
Faction: Transylvito
Class: Warlord
Special: Leadership, Noble, Flight

Proposed Canon

Count Vinny Doombats is a noble Transylvito Vampire Warlord in the Transylvito faction. He is the Count of Duckula, which is a small city far from the capital. He was popped in Duckula, and was 200 turns old before he visited the city of Transylvito for the first time.

Vinny appears to be of normal height for a man with grey skin, black hair with a widow's peak, red eyes, and fangs from the lower jaw. Vinny is a flying unit and can fly and hover as a natural ability.

During the Battle for Gobwin Knob, Vinny was Prince Ansom's closest aide, often aware of information at the moment Ansom received it. Vinny counseled conservative approaches to problems, and tried to curtail the more wasteful heroic impulses of the leader of the Royal Crown Coalition. Vinny survived the Battle by being assigned to the Choke Point Trap laid for Stanley the Tool along with Jillian Zamussels and other Transylvito Warlords and Units.

Vinny travels with doombats, the most common Unit of Transylvito. He sometimes keeps them inside his cape. Vinny, as other Transylvito Vampires, sleeps in his casket. This can be shrunk down and stored in his cape for easy travel.

He currently serves as Don King's liaison with Queen Jillian in Faq.


Prince Ansom

Before Ansom was croaked and decrypted, the two were good friends and frequently confided in each other. Ansom seemed to completely trust Vinny's judgement and loyalty. Vinny considered Ansom stiff but forgave him for that. Vinny was able to provide Ansom with useful tactical advice, in large part because he tried to understand the enemy. When Ansom was croaked, Vinny was heartbroken and cried in Jillian's arms. The two have not interacted since Ansom's decryption.

Don King

Vinny did not visit the city of Transylvito until after his 200th turn, suggesting that Don did not originally regard him as vitally important. At some point, Don apparently realized that Vinny had some talent for diplomacy. (The two assignments we know Don has given to Vinny were to work with the Royal Crown Coalition, and to act as liaison with Queen Jillian. Both positions require diplomatic as well as military skills.) Don had a high enough opinion of Vinny to listen to his claim that Jillian knew where Stanley was going, but he also gave Chief Warlord Caesar orders which he did not share with Vinny.

Don's recent reappraisal of the importance of Royalty has probably raised Vinny's status somewhat. He is a Count, which means that, in terms of his position in the nobility, he outranks Viscount Caesar.

However, when Vinny advised Don not to order Jillian to pop a Heir, Don threatened to remove him from his position as Liaison to Faq.


Real World References

  • His name is a reference to Vinny Boombatz, a fictional character created by stand-up comedian Rodney Dangerfield.
  • Some of his actions also reference The Fonz, from Happy DaysErf-b1-p073Same-site.PNG.
  • Vinny's coffin has a symbol that that may be a reference to the Bacardi brand logo. [1] Erf-b1-p044Same-site.PNG. Note that this symbol may be the shield or emblem of Transylvito, as Don King is seen wearing a medallion with the same design and the Skanks that escort Vinny, Jillian, and the other Transylvito warlords have this design on their lower backs.
  • Vinny is also a generic name for an Italian greaser or mobster, both attributes making some show in Transylvito's appearance.

Other Notes

Vinny's name is frequently misspelled as "Vinnie" in both the comic and by the fanbase.


Vinny's Dwink is 3 Parts Sambuca, 2 Parts Frangelico, and 2 Parts Coke