Victoria Sekrit

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This page describes Fanon-level fan-created material. It does not conflict with Erfworld Canon, but it is not official. This material was created by forum user IronDino.

Victoria Sekrit.png
Victoria Sekrit
Race: Men
Faction: Caste
Class: Caster (Dittomancer)
Rank and Titles: Adept
Move: 6
Hits: 5
Combat: 4
Defense: 2


"Hmm hmm, you think you know about Shockamancy, hun? Well I know a few tricks that would shock some of them."

Strengths: Cunning, Independence, Confidence

Weaknesses: Patience, Caution

Victoria Sekrit is an Artificial Shockmancer in the service of Cedric for the Side of Caste.

Victoria is the second and final attempt of Jeffery Astaire at creating an artificial Caster. With the solace of a fixed localle and the power of a Charson fuelling him, Victoria boasts an attention to detail that was nearly the end of Astaire. His fevor in what he believed to be the ideal image of beauty. A beauty so powerful, it's literally (in the actual literal sense) striking. So far, none have been able to object.



Initially intended to be of a demure and willing temperment, the Signamancy of Victoria's form took over and left her with a vivacious and electric personality. She is very outgoing and self-assured, and falls just short of being forward and overconfident. Save JJ Henry, she tends to ignore anything short of a direct order from a superior and even then, will eagerly find any loophole in their statement. Something that infuriates Cedric. She often professes that her skills outline the true art of Shockmancy and the flashy fireworks are merely for show, but still she shows a high facination with learning just how to perform them. She has also developed familiarity with Turnamancy.


  • Nasal KO – Results in minor damage and can severely shock a selection of units. Slightly more powerful than a Hoboken.
  • Bliss Punch – Renders all units in any adjacent hex shocked for one turn, potency reduces each turn.
  • JIYP – Severely reduces a units moral and loyalty, especially if a unit with Leader succumbs to this effect.
  • Flash Bang – Causes no injures but can disable all humanoid units for an entire turn. Cannot be used consecutively.
  • Triape Censor – Brands target with three black boxes, revoking Sight, Speech, and Hearing for a varying amount of turns.
  • Black Box – You know something’s there, and you can guess what it might be, but you don’t know for sure… Reduces productivity and can act as a veil.
  • Forbidden Technique (Combo) – Requires JJ Henry to envelop Victoria and any unit’s she targeted in her Black Box. Severely leeches any units loyalty towards the Caste but the effect is diminished the more units involved. Can backfire if too many units are targeted.
  • Moan Shroom (Combo) - Requires Audrey's assistance to create airborne spores that cause instant infatuating with the two Casters.


Victoria Sekrit and Jeffery Astaire

Victoria Sekrit and JJ Henry

Victoria is extremely possessive of Jon-John having been designed as his contemporary.