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Proposed Canon

Veil is a magic spell[1] cast by a Foolamancer to hide units[2] or cities[3].

Limitations of the spell:

  • In order to be able to veil units Foolamancer must be in the stack that is being veiled.
  • The spell cannot be cast on the enemy's turn.
  • Foolamancer must not be linked with other casters[4]
  • When veiling cities, only one city can be veiled at a time.[5]

Spell name is Crypsis.[6]


Veil can blown if enemy warlords are present in the same hex as a veiled stack.[7][8] The more units are in a veiled stack and the more enemy warlords are in the hex the higher are chances of blowing the veil.[9][10] It is not clear whether regular units have less chances to blow a veil or whether they can blow a veil at all.

Apparently the veiled stack cannot be made completely invisible. Instead it appears to enemy units as something else.[11]

Apparently veil is not always cast successfully.[12][13]