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Proposed Canon

A Veil is a magic SpellErf-b1-p064Same-site.PNG cast by a Foolamancer to hide Units or citiesErf-b1-p107Same-site.PNG. The Unit is given the appearance of something else; in the case of trying to hide, something innocuous is usually best. (Ie. A city may appear to be a forest.) It is not possible to make something completely invisible: the size of the veil is proportional to the size of the original unitErf-b1-p115Same-site.PNG: it is easier to veil a human than a dwagon.

Limitations of the Spell:

The Caster verbalizes Crypsis.Erf-b1-p114Same-site.PNG

Enemy Warlords may be able to pierce a Veil if they are present in the same hex and observing the Veiled Units, but they must notice something odd about the Units.Erf-b1-p115Same-site.PNG The more Units that are in a veiled stack and the more enemy warlords are in the hex the higher are chances of blowing the veil.Erf-b1-p107Same-site.PNG


It is not clear whether regular Units have less chances to blow a Veil or whether they can blow a Veil at all.

Some non-warlord unit types (Archons) can apparently see through veilsErf-b1-p131Same-site.PNG.