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Proposed Canon

Vanna is a Turnamancer formerly in the service of Unaroyal, now working under contract for Faq. She has decreased the time needed to pop Faq's heir by 20 turns, as well as increased production in Faq's other two cities. She also helped to turn Duncan Scone. During the Battle of Jetstone, she prematurely ended Gobwin Knob's turn. She may have been linked to Charlie and another caster when she did this. She pledged to Queen Bea that she would only work for Royal sides. Her current contract was funded by Charlie.

Real World References

Vanna is a reference to Vanna White of Wheel of Fortune fame. Before 1997, the letters on the puzzle board were printed on rotating triangular prisms that were turned manually by White. (Since 1997, the puzzle board has used computer monitors with touch screens. White still is the hostess of Wheel of Fortune but she no longer turns the letters.) While wearing her cloak, Vanna has the appearance of a White Mage from the Final Fantasy series of RPGs.