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NemFX, I just wanted to make certain you got this. Speculation is not for anyone's Pet Theories... the pages would grow so large that it would be impossible to maintian them. Further, it would get into Undo Wars as various people delete things they consider insane. So, if you want to discuss a theory, do it on the forums first, gauge how many poeple truly support it vs. those that do not, and then put it in the WIki if there's a reasonable positive response: no one is truly capable of determining the "reasonableness" of their own theories. We are not objective judges of our own ideas. The forums are designed for long, drawn out discussions, so if its at all controversial, bounce it around first, because you can. Remember, we all have to play here, and that includes deletion as well as addition, so we don't get to interpret everything the way we want it to be. We've done it this way so that we can keep the Wiki usable by those that are seeking accurate information. Basically, if you can't find any proof of a theory, it's not good enough for even Spec.
BTW, I removed the "movement" thing from gwiffons. Check the "level" page. Increased stats for all units is a Prop C level item, and is not specific to gwiffons. Dwagons, certainly, provide evidence of this from Parson's description of the circle trap.
You can delete this after reading it, if you like. Respond on my page. --Kreistor 07:37, 27 June 2009 (UTC)