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Request for bureaucrat tools

Hi there. I understand that you are the sole bureaucrat on the Wiki, and would like to request for bureaucrat tools so that I can benefit this site to a greater extent. I'd like to create some basic policies (Neutral point-of-view), processes (Requests for deletion) and customise the MediaWiki pages (which only administrators can edit). I'm administrate several Wikis (such as the RuneScape, MechScape, and Supernatural wikis) so I do know what I am doing. I realise that being an extremely new user here, that you may be doubtful of my intentions and I understand fully, but I hope you will consider giving me bureaucrat/sysop tools to benefit the wiki (even if it is temporary/a trial run). I am, of course, a big fan of Erfworld and constantly check the site for Summer Updates. Thanks! Calebchiam 09:46, 15 October 2009 (UTC)

New Main Page

Well, I went ahead and put up my new main page. Here's the control panel

ErfWiki Main Page Control Panel
This is the very top section of the main page
This is info for new users
The featured content is displayed in here
{{featured article}}
This used to be the featured article, but has since
been re-purposed to be just a list of tasks.
{{Latest Update}}
Change this to reflect the latest update
{{Latest Update/page}} controls the image.
Change this to change the Improvement Drive
Change this to change the Did You Know section

You probably should lock those templates so that only registered users can edit them, just like the main page. Hell, you might even want re-lock the main page...

Need something deleted.

I accidentally loaded the image for LIAB 20 to LIAB Text 20. This is gonna cause some problems when the text updates get that far, so it needs to be deleted. I would've taken care of it myself, but I don't have the rights to.

I'll go ahead and send this off to Balder too.


We're getting minced alive by the bots. They're relentless. Please see about installing or setting up some extra anti-spam measures. Cheers mate --Charles 10:28, 27 January 2011 (UTC)

Harknell Note: I've enabled the SimpleCaptcha extension. It's the most basic one just to see what impact this might have on things. If it proves ineffective we can move to a higher level one.

It's proven ineffective. Pickled Tink alerted me to a spam outbreak here; I'm a sysop on another wiki, and we've recently been looking into extensions ourselves. I suggest having a look at Extension:SpamBlacklist, Extension:TitleBlacklist, Extension:ConfirmEdit, and Extension:Check Spambots, as well as possible uses of the AutoConfirmed Users feature. Cheers, and good luck with it! (Also, if you need any hand with anything here, feel free to contact either of us.) —RevenantTalk 08:20, 6 May 2011 (UTC)
Something that simple is unlikely to stop a bot. I'm just lurking on recent changes at the moment smacking spam down as i see it. I have got to have something to do while waiting for my toes to freeze, and there are worse ways to spend an evening. It is so sad, actually, the quality of vandal you have. I am so tempted to create a "How to vandalise this wiki" page to help them out. As it stands, it is really kind of pathetic. --Pickled Tink 09:12, 6 May 2011 (UTC)