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Race: men
Tribe: Dutch
Faction: The Universe
Class: Caster (DigiMancer)
Level: 5
Move: 4
Hits: 2
Combat: 4
Defense: 5
Special: insight
Eyebook Username: ProcrastinatoR
Eyebook Sound: startrek badge sound

DigiMancer since i'm a programmer (mostly embedded stuf device drivers and such) known languages:

  • Perl (very practical and powerfull)
  • Java (nice for cross platform guis)
  • C/C++ (does exactly wat you say it does, works great if you say it right)
  • Ruby (pretty but the interpreter is impractical imho, compile wth parot? )
  • Assembly (most impractical language ever don't use unless absolutly nessesary)

known but disliked languages:

  • Bash (use perl if you can)
  • visual basic (why??)

also kind of known:

  • php
  • mysql
  • dhtml
  • javascript