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No one in particular
Race: Men
Tribe: Geoduck
Faction: Barbarian
Class: Caster (Carnymancer)
Level: 2
Move: 9
Hits: 5
Combat: 1
Defense: 3
Eyebook Username: NemoSpecific
Eyebook Sound: Noip

When is a duck not a duck? When it's a geoduck!


No one in particular

Although capable of taking to the field, No one in particular is happier working behind the scenes, tinkering here and there in an effort to ensure the best possible performance.

For all his dedication to service, No one in particular is prone to seeing connections and possibilities in everything, concocting impossible scenarios and outcomes to the most straightforward of battles.

Ultimately, he's willing to look any problem straight in the eyes.

The Geoduck Tribe

The Geoducks are masters of subterfuge, confusing their enemies by specializing not in tunneling units or flying units as their name would imply, but in swimming units. Freshly popped units are given Water Wings, which can grant limited swimming capabilities to the wearer. They are allowed to keep them until gaining their third level, at which point all units undergo the Trial of SoS, where they are taken to the middle of the nearest body of water, and their Wings removed. If they can make it back to shore, they are accepted as a full member of the tribe. If they cannot, they are allowed to sink, and after a ceremony that lasts one night, are never mentioned again. If they are Casters, exceptions may be made and they can be rescued, but are sent to live in the Magic Kingdom.

The Trial of SoS

Amongst outsiders, there is some mystery surrounding the Trial. Foremost, no one who is not a Geoduck knows what SoS means. There are guesses that SoS might be the founder of the tribe. Some speculate that it means Sink or Swim. Others claim it stands for Save our Stats. A few whisper that it's Scrubbing out Sponges, as a unit that can't swim would only be sponging off the limited purse of the tribe.