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Also, drama.
Also, drama.
==Calling It Now==
Warning: The below section is currently in a state of quantum superposition between "spoilers" and "totally wrong". Proceed with caution.
{{Spoiler|Book 2 will open on Parson and Sizemore in the wilderness, watching Wanda and Stanley's latest ridiculous conquest. It will quickly become clear what happened: after the end of Book 1, Parson found himself free of certain restrictions on his actions in-game, and went barbarian, taking some gems (and Sizemore, who quickly [[Turning|turned]] after discovering what had happened) with him. They've managed to live off of the gems for quite some time, and Stanley never really questioned why his useless Chief Warlord and the "turd guy" left - he got [[Prince Ansom|a totally loyal level 10 warlord]], [[Arkenpliers|a second Arkentool]], and several million Shmuckers out of the deal, so he was pretty much satisfied to count his blessings and take on the world with them.}}
{{Spoiler|And that's what he's been doing, by the way; this is the second or third [[Side]] to completely fall under the combined Decrypted/Dwagon legion. But now, the pair of barbarians is finally ready to move - to set into motion a plan that they think will be able to stop the Tool's wave of conquest... and maybe, just maybe, break enough rules to bring them one step closer to Peace on Erf.}}

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Also, drama.