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Race: Men
Tribe: Murikan
Faction: AdMen
Class: Caster (Signamancy)
Level: 3
Move: 9
Hits: 7
Combat: 2
Defense: 3
Eyebook Username: TheIinTeam
Eyebook Sound: Mine?

You’ve got it in one. Culodn’t have put it better.


My Eyebook Username is "The 'I' in Team," a play on the quote from the Commander below and the saying "There is no 'I' in Team."

My Eyebook sound is what the seagulls from the movie Finding Nemo say, because that's the voice and tone that I always imagine when I read Eyebook and Orly sound effects in the comic.


Teamwork! User:Commander I. Heartly Noah

  • It's what I do! - Me