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Contributor since 2009
*Contributor since 2009
Chose Username May 20, 2009
*Chose Username May 20, 2009
Named Administrator September 20, 2010
*Named Administrator September 20, 2010

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I. Heartly Noah
Race: Men
Tribe: Poleaxe
Faction: Barbarian
Class: Warlord
Level: 3
Move: 10
Hits: 8
Combat: 2
Defense: 3
Special: Light, Forester, Dance Fighter: 1, Leadership: 2
Eyebook Username: PolePosition
Eyebook Sound: Merp
  • Contributor since 2009
  • Chose Username May 20, 2009
  • Named Administrator September 20, 2010


Commander I. Heartly Noah is a warlord of the wandering Poleaxe tribe. He's a popular figure but an uninspiring combat leader. His dance fighting abilities are rudimentary at best. He is, however, quick & agile and can navigate various terrain.

Noah is a thinker; a ponderer, a philosopher, a wonderer, a deducer, a fool. He is a diligent helper for the community, one as likely to posit his own opinion as to ask for others' or simply to get stuck in with the prevailing effort. His greatest nemesis is the Spammers, and he hunts them down with great vengeance.

Real World References

The Poleaxe tribe is a play on the term "Polacks" for Polish people. Noah's actual surname is Polish.

Commander I. Heartly Noah sounds like "Commander? I hardly know her!" which is a take on a classic joke.