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Dan (as in 'Dan')
Race: Men
Tribe: The Lost 13th
Faction: Unknown
Class: Fan
Level: -1
Move: 0 (Couch based only)
Special: Zen, Unix, 80s New Wave
Eyebook Username: Cap'n.20
Eyebook Sound: Don'tTouchThatDial


User Profile Icon: Calahan's - The Moment of a Thinkamancy Meld

  • Contributor since June 16, 2009
  • First Contribution: Vurp winning the Knife Fight, June 16, 2009.
  • Added this login name in 2009. I was formerly known as, but still go by it sometimes because it's catchy.
  • Made a few hundred additions since then either under DanielKaplan123 or
  • Primary additions of Parson The Signamancer, Hippamancy, Signamancy, Turnamancy, Love as Thinkamancy not.


The 13th refers to the lost 13th tribe of Israel, a play on Jewish name and general direction sense (should I ever leave my couch.)