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I. Heartly Noah
Race: Men
Tribe: Poleaxe
Faction: AdMen
Class: Warlord
Level: 3
Move: 10
Hits: 8
Combat: 2
Defense: 3
Special: Light, Forester, Dance Fighter: 1, Leadership: 2
Eyebook Username: PolePosition
Eyebook Sound: Merp
  • Contributor since 2009
  • Chose Username May 20, 2009
  • Named Administrator September 20, 2010
  • Over 8500 individual edits large, small, and minor


  • Old School: 9
  • January Zombies: 69
  • February Zombies: 19

Cool! That's a clever way of lokonig at it!

Real World References

The Poleaxe tribe is a play on the term "Polacks" for Polish people. Noah's actual surname is Polish.

Commander I. Heartly Noah sounds like "Commander? I hardly know her!" which is a take on a classic joke.