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Christopher Dare
Race: Men
Tribe: Celt
Faction: Mercenary
Level: 1
Move: *
Hits: 2
Combat: 2
Defense: 3
Special: Water Capable

Having only discovered the existence of Erfworld in mid/late July 2012 (I know, I live in a box, or in my case, a boat) I promptly hoovered up every page of the comic that I could over the weekend. The whole comic is great and I especially love the text updates, but what really caught my attention was a tiny little thing in Episode 35 of Inner Peace - 5-card Air War. Being a natural gamer I love finding and trying new games. Being an employed Merchant Sailor I have very little opportunity to do so. I am without internet access for months at a time and do not generally get to meet other gamers, or indeed people. But somehow my love of games lives on.

I'd really like to develope Air War further (custom card decks, rules variations, etc.) bearing in mind two things:

  • If it ain't broke - don't fix it.
  • I can't illustrate for toffee.

I'll put further ideas in the Erfworld forum and update the wikipage as appropriate.