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  |tribe= Aussie
  |tribe= Aussie
  |faction= Speewah
  |faction= Speewah
  |class= [[Heavy Unit]], Fencer
  |class= [[Heavy Unit]], Fencer, [[Special:ListUsers/sysop|Administrator]]
  |level= 1
  |level= 1
  |move= 8
  |move= 8

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"In all the great North-West there hasn't been a fencer yet who's given me best, for at cuttin' holes and sinkin' poles and strainin' fencin' wire the only bloke who's faster 'n me is a bloody crimson liar!"

Charles Gordon Wilkinson V
Race: Men
Tribe: Aussie
Faction: Speewah
Class: Heavy Unit, Fencer, Administrator
Level: 1
Move: 8
Hits: 12
Combat: 7
Defense: 3
Eyebook Username: TheFencersYarn
Eyebook Sound: Bam