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Proposed Canon

Everything that fights is a Unit.Erf-b1-p040aSame-site.PNG Units may be grouped into stacks.


Units come in classes. Classes determine unit abilities and limitations. Known classes include:

There are classes of special significance:

Unit Stats and Abilities

Statistics are numerical values that are used by the Combat, Magic, or other systems of the Erfworld universe. Generally, the higher the number is, the better the Unit is. As these values increase, power increases linearly. [1]

Every Unit has four statistics (stats) visible to warlords and castersErf-b1-p040aSame-site.PNG:

Units may also have a fifth visible statistic:Erf-b1-p050Same-site.PNGErf-b1-p145Same-site.PNG

Units also have some hidden statistics:

  • Loyalty - how strongly a Unit is aligned with its RulerErf-b1-p084aSame-site.PNG
  • Score - A theoretical stat which determines where a Unit will go after death, without needing to be judged by the Titans first. The existance of this stat is debated, and believers in Score are called Scorists.

Natural Abilities

Some units have abilities that can achieve unconventional results, and can be used when not on Turn.[2] These abilities are named Natural AbilitiesErf-b1-p040aSame-site.PNG and are sometimes referred to as Special Abilities. When viewed by a commander, these appear under the four basic statistics under the heading "Special."

Ability Description
FlightErf-b1-p040aSame-site.PNG Flying units can Move through the air without falling.
Water Water units can Move through the water without drowning.Erf-b1-p060Same-site.PNG
Forest-capableErf-b1-p062Same-site.PNG Forest units can attack in forests.
Dance-FightingErf-b1-p127Same-site.PNG Dance fighting units sing and dance while fighting.Erf-b1-p111Same-site.PNG

Units that are Dance Fighting gain a bonus, a multiplier, while in combat.Erf-b1-p125Same-site.PNG Units without Dance Fighting can be led through MagicErf-b1-p128Same-site.PNG or innate abilityErf-b1-p127Same-site.PNG of the leader.

HeavyErf-b1-p077aSame-site.PNG Heavy units are stronger than normal units, but may not ride mounts, and have restricted access to tunnels depending on the base unit type.
Light Light units can enter tunnels.Erf-b1-p098aSame-site.PNG This may simply include non-heavy units (rather than a special ability).
SiegeErf-b1-p046aSame-site.PNG The ability to breach walls.Erf-b1-p126Same-site.PNG
Digging The ability to dig through earth and city walls.
Mount Can be ridden by humanoid units
HealingErf-b1-p022Same-site.PNG Unit can heal wounded allied Units
FabricationErf-b1-p040aSame-site.PNG Allows a Unit to create Coins and other items, is a form of natural Dollamancy.
Breath Weapon Allows the Unit to use a short/medium range "breath" attack before or instead of melee.
Remote Visual Link Unit's Commander is able to see through the Unit's eyes from afar.
LeadershipErf-b1-p040aSame-site.PNG A Unit with Leadership:
CasterErf-b1-p084aSame-site.PNG A Caster:

Royal and Noble Units

Royal and Noble Units have slightly stronger stats and Level faster than normal Units.Erf-b1-p079aSame-site.PNG Cities ruled by Royals may pop Nobles and more Royals.

Generally speaking, Nobles have a title designating their social status, such as Duke Nozzle, Count Vinny Doombats, or Viscount Caesar Borgata. Other likely titles would be Baron, Earl, or Marquis; Lord would probably not be used due to possible confusion with Warlords and Overlords.


Parson is a very special Unit (as Hamstard would say). He has some stats (like Move and Upkeep), but they're not visible to anyone; he can't be banished by crossing a Magic Kingdom gate; and other unique rule breakers that are described with detail on his page.



Some units types, like Men, and possibly Hobgobwins, have different classes.

  • Engineer-class infantry

Some units types don't have classes, but do have descriptors and may have multiple forms, like Golems.

Garrison units may have special classes in addition to their basic class.

  • Henchman
  • Lackey
  • Bodyguard

Natural Abilities

  • Tunnel Capable (Spidew/Sourmander/Dwarfy) - A Heavy Unit capable of entering tunnels
  • Tunnel Fighter (Gobwin/Marbit/Dwarfy) - Provides a bonus at fighting in tunnels (These could be the same Ability, applied to Heavy and Light Units respectively.)
  • ArmoredErf-b1-p077Same-site.PNG - Probably increases the Unit's Defence. Armor may also be Equipment instead of an ability.
  • Mountain Capable (Western Giant/Dwarfy) - Unit capable of moving through Mountain Hexes. Can or cannot enter High Mountains.
  • Poison (Spidew) - Since all poison, both magical and mundane, are Flower Power, units with the Poison rule may possess Natural Flower Power. Poisons may have different kinds of damaging effects, such as instant kills or draining hits over time even when not in combat.


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