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Proposed Canon

Everything that fights is a Unit.Erf-b1-p040aSame-site.PNG Units may be grouped into stacks.


Units come in classes. Classes determine unit abilities and limitations. Known classes include:

There are classes of special significance:

IJWTS wow! Why can't I think of tnhigs like that?

Royal and Noble Units

Royal and Noble Units have slightly stronger stats and Level faster than normal Units.Erf-b1-p079aSame-site.PNG Cities ruled by Royals may pop Nobles and more Royals.

Generally speaking, Nobles have a title designating their social status, such as Duke Nozzle, Count Vinny Doombats, or Viscount Caesar Borgata. Other likely titles would be Baron, Earl, or Marquis; Lord would probably not be used due to possible confusion with Warlords and Overlords.


Parson is a very special Unit (as Hamstard would say). He has some stats (like Move and Upkeep), but they're not visible to anyone; he can't be banished by crossing a Magic Kingdom gate; and other unique rule breakers that are described with detail on his page.



Some units types, like Men, and possibly Hobgobwins, have different classes.

  • Engineer-class infantry

Some units types don't have classes, but do have descriptors and may have multiple forms, like Golems.

Garrison units may have special classes in addition to their basic class.

  • Henchman
  • Lackey
  • Bodyguard

Natural Abilities

  • Tunnel Capable (Spidew/Sourmander/Dwarfy) - A Heavy Unit capable of entering tunnels
  • Tunnel Fighter (Gobwin/Marbit/Dwarfy) - Provides a bonus at fighting in tunnels (These could be the same Ability, applied to Heavy and Light Units respectively.)
  • ArmoredErf-b1-p077Same-site.PNG - Probably increases the Unit's Defence. Armor may also be Equipment instead of an ability.
  • Mountain Capable (Western Giant/Dwarfy) - Unit capable of moving through Mountain Hexes. Can or cannot enter High Mountains.


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