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Proposed Canon

Everything that fights is a Unit.[1] Units may be grouped into stacks.


Units come in classes. Classes determine unit abilities and limitations.

There are classes of special significance:

Unit Stats and Abilities

Every unit has at minimum four sets of statistics (stats)[2]:

Units also have two hidden statistics -- Level and Experience.

Natural Abilities

Some units have abilities that can achieve particular results, and can be used when not on Turn.[4] These abilities are named Natural Abilities.[5]

Ability Description
Flight[6] Flying units can Move through the air without falling.
Water Water units can Move through the water without drowning.[7]
Forest[8] Forest units can attack in forests.
Dance Fighting[9] Dance fighting units sing and dance while fighting.[10][11]

Units that are Dance Fighting gain a bonus while in combat.[12] Unis without Dance Fighting can be lead through Magic[13] or innate ability[14] of the leader.

Light Light units can enter tunnels.[15]
Seige[17] The ability to breach walls.[18]
Leadership[23] Units with Leadership:
  • can lead stacks by giving them instructions.[24]
  • confer a bonus to units under their command, if of Warlord level or higher (not Commanders).[25]
  • prevent lead units from auto-attacking non-allies.[26]\
  • are subject ot the Natural Thinkamancy Duty[27]
  • can see unit stats naturally.[28]
Caster[29] Casters can:
  • cast Magic spells.
  • can lead stacks by giving them instructions.[30]
  • confer a bonus only to units with an association to their type of Magic.[31]
  • prevent lead units from auto-attacking non-allies.[32]\
  • are subject ot the Natural Thinkamancy Duty[33]
  • can see unit stats naturally.[34]

Units may also have special (or natural) abilities (some of these are flight, fire, regeneration, poison, leadership, caster).

Unit Level

Unit efficiency in combat is affected by its level. The higher is the level of a unit - the stronger is the unit. Units rise in levels (or simply level) when enough combat experience is accumulated.[35][36][37]

Royal and Noble Units

Royal and noble units have slightly stronger stats, and level faster.[38] Cities ruled by royals pop nobles (and more royals). Apparently, royal units act as heirs to their kingdoms.


It seems that every being seen in Erfworld so far is a unit.

Apparently combat classes include infantry, heavies, and so on. Infantry might come in more classes or subclasses (e.g. Piker-class infantry, Stabber-class infantry, Archer-class infantry, Knight-class infantry, etc.)[39]