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Units that are [[croaking|croaked]] (killed) in battle can be reanimated using [[Croakamancy]] to become "uncroaked" (undead).
Units that are [[croaking|croaked]] (killed) in battle can be reanimated using [[Croakamancy]] to become "uncroaked" (undead).

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Units that are croaked (killed) in battle can be reanimated using Croakamancy to become "uncroaked" (undead).



Uncroaked units have no will of their own, and limited intelligence. Uncroaked warlords are capable of following simple orders and leading troops.

Uncroaked units decay over time, and eventually fall apart. While they last, they are still capable of gaining experience and leveling up.


An uncroaked unit may or may not retain all of the abilities it had in life, for instance, an uncroaked Jaclyn and several uncroaked unipegaturs were shown in flight, and an uncroaked warlord is still capable of functioning as a warlord; however, an uncroaked caster does not retain spellcasting abilities and functions as generic uncroaked infantry. Units can be uncroaked en masse, but the resulting creations are weaker and decay more rapidly than ones that are animated with careful individual attention.

When lead into battle by a Croakamancer, uncroaked gain a "huge" bonus.


Stanley's limited forces have been supplemented by uncroaked infantry created by Wanda Firebaugh. In particular, Stanley's last living warlord (Manpower the Temporary) fell at the Battle of Warchalking, leaving him with only five (after Manpower's body was retrieved and uncroaked by Wanda) uncroaked warlords to lead his forces in the field.

Later, while attempting to persuade Croakamancer Wanda Firebaugh to defect from the Plaid tribe, several unipegataurs and an archon -Jaclyn- are croaked, and then uncroaked. In addition, after a failed attempt by the Royal Crown Coalition to attack Gobwin Knob from its tunnels, at least 2870 fallen Jetstone troops, including warlords Sir Webinar and Dora, are uncroaked.

Uncroaked Characters

Archduke Ferdinand
Sir Leeroy Jenkins
Lord Manpower the Temporary
Lady Phat-Singh
Ensign Toast
Sir Webinar

Unit types seen to be uncroaked