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Destruction of Unaroyal
Second Battle of Warchalking, Second Battle of Orgchart, Battle of Unavac, Un-aroyal

Previous battle: Battle of Unavac
Concurrent battle: None
Next battle: Battle of Carport, Battle of White Castle
Conflict: Wars of Stanley the Tool, Destruction of Unaroyal
Date: 31 turns after the Battle for Gobwin Knob, 40 AW
Place: City of Unaroyal
Outcome: Gobwin Knob Victory by default; Unaroyal city becomes neutral

Gobwin Knob




Proposed Canon

The Gobwin Knob strike force reached the hex before the City of Unaroyal. After a brief Parley, there was a fight near the hex border, then Queen Bea killed herself by jumping through a portal, disbanding the remainder of the Unaroyal forces and making the city neutral.