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Natural Turnamancy may be how turn order is decided.
Natural Turnamancy may be how turn order is decided.
Turnamancy might force units to [[turning|turn]] against their will. While this would at first seem unlikely - given the known uses for Turnamancy and the presence of [[Thinkamancy]] as the loyalty-affecting discipline - [[Vanna]]'s work on turning a captured [[Jitterati]] warlord{{blog|2009|10|summer-updates-049}} may indicate that this falls at least partially under Turnamancy as well.
[[Category:Proposed Canon]]
[[Category:Proposed Canon]]

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Class\Axis Erf Fate Numbers
Spookism Turnamancy Dollamancy Weirdomancy

Proposed Canon

Turnamancy is one of the three disciplines of the Magic class Spookism; it is aligned with the axis of Erf.Erf-b1-p038aSame-site.PNG

Turnamancers can reduce the build time for units produced in the city they are located. summer-updates-–-046 External.png


  • Increased Production Efficiency:

With the help of a Turnamancer, Charlescomm can pop archons 3 per 2 turns, instead of the normal 1/turn, and Faq pops a Royal Heir in 40 turns instead of 60. This effect may be a sort of time warp (a slowing/speeding effect). Note that, in all known cases, having a Turnamancer reduces production times to two-thirds of what they are without a Turnamancer; this may be a constant ratio.

A Turnamancer can work on a prisoner over time, decreasing Loyalty and Duty to their Ruler and making a conversion to the Capturing side more likely.

Known Turnamancers


There are two known examples of the turnamancy speedup; the first is increasing 1 Archon / Turn to 3 Archons / 2 Turns. The second is increasing 1 Royal Heir / 60 Turns to 1 Royal Heir / 40 Turns. Both of these are consistent with the idea of the Turnamancer "storing" their turn on the first turn, then granting the stored turn to the city on the next turn. This may be how Turnamancers do it. Turnamancers may also be able to "steal" another unit's turn in battle, effectively paralysing both units.

Turnamancy might alter the flow of time (turns) in some way, perhaps gaining more time for one's own side or units, or removing move or actions from the other side or units.

If Turnamancy can slow time, this could be useful not only for popping units, but allow Regents to complete rounds and still have time for actions, or have direct military application.

Alternatively, it may be an effect not on how long a turn lasts but what can happen in that turn; possibly increasing production values and income.

Natural Turnamancy may be how turn order is decided.