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Charlie starts his Turn by invading Gobwin Knob Airspace, on Page 104

Proposed Canon

A Turn is a period of time, in which certain actions may be taken by a Side. It is not the same thing as the beginning of the Day.
(For information about mechanics of defecting to an enemy side, see Turning.)
(For the magical discipline see Turnamancy.)

Acting on Turn

Each day is divided up into a series of Turns, and each Side gets a single Turn per day. There is a natural turn order, resulting in a cyclic turn order. (Eg. Side A will always move before Side B, who will move before Side C, then night will pass and Side A moves again.) Note that alliances affect Turn order.

If multiple Sides ally, they take turns simultaneously, on the Turn of the last ally. For instance, using the example above, if Side A allies with Side C, then Side B will take Turn before Sides A and C, who take Turn simultaneously. If Sides A and B ally, they will both still take Turn before Side C, but they will do so simultaneously instead of consecutively.[1]

At the beginning of Turn:

During its Turn, a Unit may:

Once a Side has completed all of these actions it wishes to perform for all the Units on its Side, it declares its Turn is over, and the day proceeds to the next Side's Turn.

Captured units take Turn with the Side that captured them.[2]

Acting on Another Side's Turn

When it is not a unit's turn, that Unit may:

  • Defend itself from attack
  • Attack enemies only when enemies are in its hex.[3]
  • Cast Spells only when enemies are in its hex.[4]
  • Automatically attack when in contact with non-allied units, unless a commander is present.
  • Use Natural Abilities.[5]
  • Change position within its hex (e.g. Lord Hamster's many redeployments during the Battle for Gobwin Knob)

If a Unit joins an alliance during that alliance's turn, that unit may now:[6]


It appears that the length of day is not limited, and so neither is the length of a turn. This makes it useless to hold your end of turn for longer than necessary, because the sun won't set until everyone has finished their Turn.

(Not necessarily useless... just useless if your goal is to "win" Erfworld by defeating all the other sides. If a leader's goal were World Peace, for example, he could simply refuse to end his turn indefinitely, or at least until some other side used Turnamancy to force his hand. Rations would not pop until the next turn, but if hunger does not kick in until the next turn either, this might not be a problem. Fatigue doesn't go away without sleep however, so simple tiredness may eventually force a turn's end)

Turnamancy may affect the Turn in some way. It has been noted that it can, in fact, be used to end an opposing side's turn prematurely. What other uses it may have in this respect are unclear.

Turn Order

1. Carpool
2. Transylvito and JillianErf-b1-p104Same-site.PNG
3. CharlesCommErf-b1-p104Same-site.PNG
4. Gobwin Knob
5. Royal Crown Coalition

Note: As alliances move when it's the turn of the last ally to move, the individual Sides in the Coalition may normally take their turns in a different order.

We know that Haffaton had a turn before Faq but it isn't clear how that turn order interacts with these as both sides no longer exist.


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