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(For information about mechanics of defecting to an enemy side, see Turning.)
(For the magical discipline see Turnamancy.)

Charlie starts his Turn by invading Gobwin Knob Airspace, on Book 1, Page 104

Proposed Canon

Each day is divided up into a series of Turns, and each Side gets a single Turn per day.

A Turn is a period of time in which certain actions may be taken by a Side. It is not the same thing as Dawn, the beginning of the Day, although the first side to have a turn starts at Dawn. Sides whose turn comes later have to wait for it. All units of the side naturally realize when their side's turn starts.

Turn Order

The natural turn order is determined by the age of the side, with older sides going firstErf-b3-p150Same-site.PNG.

Barbarians' Turn starts at dawn, before any side.Erf-b1-p144Same-site.PNG

For a given side, if it doesn't share a battlespace and will not share potential battlespaces in the upcoming turn with another side's units, then that other side's turn is skipped for them. Battlespace determinations are Natural Predictamancy.Erf-b0-p27Same-site.PNG


If multiple Sides ally, they take turns simultaneously, on the Turn of the last ally. For example, suppose three sides A, B, and C naturally take their turns in that order (A was founded first, then B, then C); if A allies with C, then B will take its turn before A and C, who take their turns simultaneously. If instead A and B ally, they will both still take their turns before C, but they will do so simultaneously instead of consecutively.[1]

When alliances break, sides get separate turns again, and those whose turn is supposed to naturally come later get their turn suspended, until the turns of the ex-allied sides with the "earlier" natural turn order are concluded.Hvs.tCF 224


So, a side starts the turn at Dawn if there are no barbarians nearby and it's the oldest side in Erfworld (and not allied with a younger side), or if there are no older sides in the vicinity (that are not allied with younger sides).


Captured units take Turn with the Side that captured them.[2] If a unit escapes and becomes fugitive, they get their own mini-turn that happens before the captor side's.

Known natural order

Rough order of turns based on the events of the comic is:

  1. Carpool
  2. TransylvitoErf-b1-p104Same-site.PNG
  3. CharlescommErf-b1-p104Same-site.PNG
  4. Gobwin Knob
  5. Royal Crown Coalition
  6. the new Faq

Note: The individual sides in the Coalition may normally take their turns in a different order.

Haffaton had a turn before Faq, so it was an older side.

Acting on Turn

At the beginning of Turn:

The side only gets the beginning of Turn happen once per day, even if their Turn is suspended and later resumed due to alliances breaking.

During its Turn, a Unit may:

Ending a Turn

Once a Side has completed all of the actions it wishes to perform for all the Units on its Side, the ruler or the Chief Warlord declares the Side's Turn is over. The day proceeds to the next Side's Turn.

If a Chief Warlord refuses to end the Side's Turn, the Turn will eventually end on its own IPTSF Text 77, as a natural end of turn.

Ending the turn depletes all the remaining Move of the units to 0. If they make an alliance with a side whose turn hasn't started yet or is ongoing, this will not be a new start of turn and they will not get any new Move.

The turn is not immediately ended if a ruler with no heir becomes a prisoner. Instead, the units of the side can continue to act and use their Move, ideally to repatriate the ruler. This extension of the turn continues until all units are out of Move or the natural end of the turn.Book of Patches

Acting Off-Turn

When it is not a unit's turn, that Unit may:

  • Defend itself from an attack.
  • Attack enemies only when enemies are in its hex.[3]
  • Stack and Unstack units
  • Cast Spells only when enemies are in its hex.[4]
  • Some spells, such as Thinkagrams, can be cast at any point.
  • Automatically attack when in contact with non-allied units, unless a commander is present.
  • Use Natural Abilities.[5] This includes casters' tricks that don't cost juice.
  • Change position within its hex (e.g. Lord Hamster's many redeployments during the Battle for Gobwin Knob).

If a side joins an alliance during that alliance's turn, its units may now cast Spells and attack units [6], but they don't get their Move replenished or Health restored a second time if their Turn already happened.


Turnamancy may affect the Turn in some way. It has been noted that it can, in fact, be used to end an opposing side's turn prematurely, even if only in a caster link. What other uses it may have in this respect are unclear.

A turn ends on its own possibly through the innate magic of Natural Turnamancy.


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