Transylvito Vampire

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Proposed Canon

The vampires of Transylvito are a sentient race of humanoids. Transylvito Vampires appear as Men except that they have red eyes with no sclera or pupil, pointed ears, and light gray skin.

Transylvito vampires:

  • Are not vulnerable to sunlight.Erf-b1-p093Same-site.PNG They end turn before night just like everyone else.
  • Drink the blood of wildlife, and have at least threatened to drink Humanoid blood.
  • Many, but not all, have the Natural Ability of flightErf-b1-p139Same-site.PNG.
  • Can tame Bats found in wild. This allows them to utilize the Bat's Natural Ability of Remote Visual Link
  • May store things (inc. Doombats and a casket) in a cape.
  • Sleep in caskets at night.
  • May give bonuses to Doombats in the same hex
  • Are living (i.e. not uncroaked). They are popped, not created by conversion of non-vampires.


Some Transylvito Vampires, including Don King, have not been seen to fly, though it may just a result of not needing to do so in the situations they've been seen in. Al Frappacino was not observed to fly, though it isn't entirely clear that he is a vampire.

They may have a special ability to produce blood from a Unit, as there has been no other blood in Erfworld.

Real World References

Vampires in most fiction are required to drink human blood to sate a "hunger". Transylvito Vampires do not have this weakness.