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A vampire/mobster themed nation of erfworld.  
A vampire/mafioso themed [[faction]] of erfworld.  

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A vampire/mafioso themed faction of erfworld.


Current Leader of Transylvito is Don King. Chief Warlord is Ceasar Bogota. Both are royals.



Transylvito was part of the Royal Crown Coalition. At the beginning of the Battle for Gobwin Knob their contribution consisted only of one warlord (Vinny) and some doombats which were used for short recon. Later they send strong reinforcements for the choke point trap that included more than 300 doombats and 10 warlords, including Ceasar.
The closest ally of Transylvito in the RCC was Unaroyal.


Transylvito is very close to Faq. The space of Faq was sometimes crossed by Transylvito troops.


The shown troops consisted only of Doombats and warlords. Both have the ability to fly.

Transylvito Style

Transylvito developed a special fight style, called "Transylvito Style". The idea is to lever weak and replacable units like doombats with bonuses provided by warlords.
During the fight with Stanley the Tool Vinny explained, that doombats led by s warlord are as strong as basic infantry, with the bonus of the chief warlord in the same hex they are as strong as advanced infantry, and the bats in the stack of the Chief Warlord are as strong as heavies. Dance-Fighting also seems to be an important ingredient in the Transylvito Style.