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*[[Broadway Tony]] - [[Warlord]], Croaked
*[[Broadway Tony]] - [[Warlord]], Croaked
*[[Bunny Velvetino]] - [[Thinkamancer]], Croaked, body destroyed
*[[Bunny Velvetino]] - [[Thinkamancer]], Croaked, body destroyed
*[[Caesar Borgata]] - [[Ruler]], [[Warlord]], level 9, Croaked
*[[Caesar Borgata]] - [[Ruler]], [[Warlord]], level 9, Croaked, Body depopped by portal
*Candy Camaro - Croaked
*Candy Camaro - Croaked
*[[Don King]] - [[Ruler]], [[King]], Croaked, body destroyed
*[[Don King]] - [[Ruler]], [[King]], Croaked, body destroyed

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Transylvito's livery

Proposed Canon


Transylvito is a vampire-, mafia-, and greaser-themed Side of Erfworld. Its current Ruler is Regent Caesar Borgata, who succeeded King Don King. A Royal Heir is in production. They are currently at war with Faq, and allied with Gobwin Knob. They include Vampires and Men as their sentient populace. Their Chief Warlord is Vinny Doombats (who succeeded former Chief Warlord Caesar Borgata), and their Chief Caster is Chief Moneymancer Benjamin Franchise. The symbol of their side is a red and black bat emblem.

Transylvito was part of the first Royal Crown Coalition during the Battle for Gobwin Knob. Their closest ally at the time was Unaroyal. At the beginning of the Battle, their troop contribution (29) consisted only of Warlord Vinny Doombats (long before his promotion to Chief Warlord) and some Doombats, which were used primarily for short recon. Later, Transylvito sent stronger forces (more than 300 doombats and 10 warlords, including then-Chief Warlord Caesar Borgata) to create a trap for Stanley the Tool at a choke point in the mountains leading to the Kingdom of Faq. The trap succeeded in preventing Stanley from reaching Faq, but did not kill him, thanks in part to the efforts of Jack Snipe. Despite the numerous vampiric themes Transylvito units have shown no indicators of being classified as uncroaked.

The adjectives "Transylvitan" and "Transylvitian" are both used within the comic, sometimes both on the same page.Erf-b3-p195Same-site.PNG It is not clear whether either spelling is preferred.


Main article: Erfworld Geography

The enemy Kingdom of Faq is located slightly to the northeast of Transylvito. The space of Faq was sometimes accidently crossed by Transylvito troops. Transylvito is also close to the hostile Carpudlians and Jitterati, with an ongoing border skirmish over the Carpudlian city of Carport.



The name of the capital of the Transylvito side is also Transylvito.


The city of Transylvito is built atop Mount Mofo. It is mainly accessible by air, but there is an old aqueduct trail leading up the mountain, which has a high move penalty. As Transylvito thus has little to fear from ground-based attacks, it has a flimsy outer wall, described as being more decorative than useful. Due to this fact, Transylvito is a Level 4 city. However, its garrison zone is described as being "bigger and taller than some Level Fives, with their walls and all."Erf-b1.5-p017Same-site.PNG This suggests that Transylvito is very large indeed.

Transylvito's defenses are composed mainly of highly defended towers, built with air battles in mind. The ornamental outer wall was never intended to be highly defensive, and with good reason: there hasn't been a serious ground assault on Transylvito in thousands of turns.

The architecture of Transylvito is described as being rather ominous, fitting with the mafia/vampire theme of the side.

"Transylvito was a city that looked like you didn't want to mess with it... The black walls, marble columns and iron towers reached right up out of the black-streaked granite of the imposing Mount Mofo. Everywhere you looked, there was something sharp, something hard, something that could croak you."

City Zones

The city of Transylvito is formed of at least three Zones: Outer Walls, Airspace, and Garrison. Due to the presence of towers for air defenseErf-b1.5-p017Same-site.PNG it is likely that there are one or more Tower areas as well, perhaps as part of the Garrison, Outer Walls, or both.


Former Cities


List of Known Characters

List of Former Characters


Transylvito Combat

Transylvito's only observed method of combat consisted of using the weak, massable Doombats at the forefront of any assault, with Warlords providing special bonuses that dramatically increase the Doombats' fighting power.

Each Warlord 'packs' bats that receive their Leadership bonuses. Chief Warlord Caesar Borgata provides an additional effect to all bats in his current hex, as well as a high-level Leadership bonus to bats under his command. Transylvito formations are relatively unique in Erfworld, as most of them are well over the eight-unit stack bonus. (Sometimes more than 100 bats in the same stack) Transylvito Warlords offer greater bonuses to Doombats than the eight-unit stack bonus do. (Though they receive the eight-unit bonus anyway)

Before the fight with Stanley the Tool, Vinny explained that doombats led by a Warlord are as strong as basic infantry thanks to the Warlord's Leadership bonus. With the Chief Warlord in the same hex, the doombats gain half of that Leadership bonus as well, so are as strong as advanced infantry. The doombats in the Stack of the Chief Warlord, gaining his full bonus, are equivalent to heavy Units.

Transylvito units have also been observed dance fighting with lyrics and costumes resembling characters from the musical West Side Story. In TBFGK_99:10, Vinny imagines a battle with Vampires and Archons dancefighting in ballroom style pairs against Stanley's dwagons. The proposed strategy never occurred because Charlie's price was too high.

The capital city of Transylvito is defended mainly against airspace attack, using Dolls, Molls, and Men, probably on the ground, and Guard Goyles of both the Goyle and Skank variety, aside from the Warlords and Casters with their Doombats. It is (as of yet) unknown how combat in Transylvito airspace would progress.

Conflict With Carpudlians

Transylvito has an ongoing turf war with the Carpudlians. The primary battleground is the city of Carport, which is regularly taken by Transylvito, and then sacked, unless the Carpudlians pay a ransom, in which case the Transylvitans leave it, relatively unharmed. In this way, they have a sort of protection racket with the Carpudlians. The Carpudlian capital of Carpool is considered too expensive a prospect for conquering.

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