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Prince Tramennis
Race: Men
Tribe: Jetstone
Faction: Jetstone
Class: Warlord
Special: Leadership, Royal

Proposed Canon

Prince Tramennis is a prince of Jetstone.

Tramennis is described as a slender man with slate blue eyes, wearing light segmentata armor, and caligae sandals. He stands a full head shorter than his younger brother Ossomer. Carries a saber. Seemingly right-handed.


Son of King Slately, Elder brother of Prince Ossomer, Brother of Prince Ansom


He may be the eldest living prince of Jetstone's Royal house (if this is true, then that would mean that the height of the three brothers is inversely proportional to their age: Tramennis being the eldest and shortest, and Ossomer being the youngest and tallest). He most likely is a warlord. He may be the current Heir to Slately's crown. His name is a play on "Tremendous."