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Prince Tramennis
Race: Men
Tribe: Jetstone
Faction: Jetstone
Class: Chief Warlord
Special: Leadership, Royal

Proposed Canon

"The fate of the world shall be such as the world deserves. But not so with each one of us."

Strengths: Diplomacy, Strategy, Being Underestimated

Weaknesses: Delicate Appearance (masking a delicate reality), Foppishness

First Appearance: First Intermission 40

Prince Tramennis is a prince and Chief Warlord of Jetstone. He also was recently appointed as the heir of Jetstone, made possible by Charlie granting a bounty to King Slately for destroying and capturing Decrypted Archons. He is the sixteenth royal to be popped by King Slately of Slately's twenty-three sons and daughters. He was popped during a time when Jetstone had several princes but few warlords. Therefore, he was not designated an heir when he was popped.

Tramennis is described as a slender man with slate blue eyes, wearing light segmentata armor, and caligae sandals. He stands a full head shorter than his younger brother Ossomer. He carries a rapier and is seemingly right-handed.

His delicate appearance prompted King Slately to send him to a far off war where he would be forgotten and likely croaked. However, he neither croaked nor conquered but negotiated with the opposing side and returned with a new ally and tribute from the previous enemy. Slately believes that Tramennis with his gift for diplomacy may have earned his upkeep more than any other son or daughter. Before he became Chief Warlord, Tramennis had spent over sixscore, or 120, turns establishing and maintaining the Royal Crown Coalition. During that time, he did not lead in any significant battles.


  • Son of King Slately
  • Elder brother of Prince Ossomer
  • Brother of Prince Ansom


He may be the eldest living prince of Jetstone's Royal house (if this is true, then that would mean that the height of the three brothers is inversely proportional to their age: Tramennis being the eldest and shortest, and Ossomer being the youngest and tallest).

His name is most likely a play on "Tremendous", much as the name of his brother Ossomer is a play on "Awesomer", and his brother Ansom is a play on "Handsome". Alternatives that have been suggested included

  • (Ul)tra Menace
  • Trauma - nis
  • (Dennis) The Menace
  • The Battle of Lake Trasimene, in which Hannibal showcased his military brilliance.

This is based on the fact that he hasn't done anything "tremendous" yet.

However, his self-assured giving of commands, his instant perception that the attack was not what it appeared to be, Ossomer's comment in the last panel of Page 7 ("Do you ever tire of being right, Tramennis?"), and his continuous analysis of the changing tactical situation, all would seem to indicate that not only is Tramennis a skilled Warlord, but he might actually be a military genius.

From King Slately's statements, Tramennis is the intelligence chief and head diplomat for Jetstone. King Slately has described him as clever and flighty. ("Clever" plus "diplomatic duties" equals "spy".) But Slately's direct and short-sighted approach makes him underestimate Tramennis, in comparison to his more 'jock'-like sons.

Charlie's communication with Tramennis are extremely friendly, almost affectionate, and all Charlie's symbols and icons while speaking to Tramennis were rainbow-themed. Implications?

Military Style

Tramennis has copied the Gobwin Knob tactic of using a multiple series of mounts to travel long distances in a single turn. The humorous and sarcastic comments he made to Ansom during the Parley on the Expository Bridge may have been an attempt to learn how Ansom's personality had been altered by the process of decryption; or it may just be his normal mannerisms.

He has stated that he finds Chief Warlord Parson Gotti of Gobwin Knob to be "fascinating" and has an expressed desire to meet him, rather than simply writing Lord Hamster off as dangerous and dishonorable, as many other Rulers and Warlords on both sides have done. This could mean that he is one of very few other people in Erfworld (along with Jack Snipe) who has the potential to think in the same way, having a (possibly latent) talent for lateral thinking and other unconventional tactical/strategic maneuvers. Several times Trammenis is referred to as a "card shark" or a master at cards. This may be related to his strategic or his tactical strength.

Real World References

The segmentata armor and sandals Tramennis has as raiment, blond hair, and allusions suggesting homosexuality (EG: referring to himself as a queen LIAB_31:13) may be referring to the Roman general and emperor Augustus (as described by Suetonius).

Preceded by:
Prince Ossomer
Chief Warlord of Jetstone Succeeded by: