Tower of Efdup

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Close up of Tower and Courtyard from Page 119.

Proposed Canon

The Tower of Efdup was a structure in the Garrison of Gobwin Knob. It somewhat resembled an air traffic control tower with a spire on top.Erf-b1-p023Same-site.PNG The Tower was considered a zone of the garrison for the purpose of Unit Movement. It could only be attacked from Airspace and other Garrison zones.Erf-b1-p116aSame-site.PNG It provided a bonus to CastersErf-b1-p116aSame-site.PNG, though the specifics were never revealed.


The tower consisted of several distinctive sections:

  • a section above ground level up to a round observation platform
  • the observation platform and parapet
  • a spire above the observation platform

All three sections were connected by a round staircase.Erf-b1-p026Same-site.PNG

The section above ground level and up to a round observation platform contained:

The observation platform contained:

The spire above the observation platform contained:


'The Tower peeking over the Outer Walls of Gobwin Knob. From Page 121.'

It is not clear where the libraryErf-b1-p043Same-site.PNG and Wanda's living quartersErf-b1-p027Same-site.PNG is located.


Parson lured Prince Ansom to the parapet under pretense of accepting Parson's surrender.Erf-b1-p130Same-site.PNG Surrendering Parson turned out to be Bogroll in disguise, who knocked Ansom from his flying carpet and they both fell down to their death.Erf-b1-p131Same-site.PNG

The Tower was destroyed when Sizemore collapsed the tunnels under Gobwin Knob following orders from Parson.Erf-b1-p132Same-site.PNG

The Second Tower of Efdup

The new Tower of Efdup in Gobwin Knob features more of a Neo-gothic architectural style reminiscent of the real world Big Ben in London.
After the destruction of the original tower, and the end of the battle for Gobwin Knob, Stanley paid to have the city repaired to level 5. This included a new tower, with a completely new look. The new tower, unlike the original, is square, stately, and symmetrical. It still has a large number of stairs.

Real World References

The name is probably a pun on "The Tower of F'd Up", or more colloquially, it's an "F'ed up Tower".