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=Proposed Canon=
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Thinkamancy is one of the three disciplines of the [[Magic]] class [[Eyemancy]]; it is aligned with the axis of [[Fate]].{{erf|1|038a|Parson's Klog #2}} [[Spell]]s of this Discipline normally involve influencing the mind or actions of a target.
==Known Thinkamancers==
*[[Maggie]]: an adept-class Thinkamancer in service to [[Gobwin Knob]]
*[[Bunny]]: in service to [[Transylvito]]
*Carl Sagan-like Thinkamancer in the [[Magic Kingdom]]
*[[Suggestion Spell]]s{{erf|1|084}}
**Thinkamancy [[spell]]s are incapable of dominating a victim. It can only sway choice towards an action the victim might do anyway.{{Erf|1|148}}
*Merging the minds of casters together into a "[[Caster Link|psychological alloy]]" or gestalt with the [[Thinkamancer]], allowing the casting of [[Spell]]s uncastable by singular [[Caster]]s{{erf|1|054}}
*Protecting oneself from the effects of breaking a long term mind-affecting [[spell]]
*[[Thinkagram]]s: long-ranged communication
*Can assist with or accelerate the healing of some forms of mental damage that are the results of Thinkamancy.{{Erf|1|084}}.
*Can increase the efficiency of a [[Unit]]'s thought processes. {{Erf|1|104}}.
*Can use minor combat/stunning spells. {{Erf|1|133}}
*Don King can use his thinkamancer to see through bat units eyes across an indefinite distanceThis is apparently a stronger version of the natural Thinkamancy version.
*Mastermind (See Book 2, Text Update 013)
The [[Arkendish]] gives its user superior powers in Thinkamancy. {{erf|1|088}}
==Natural Thinkamancy==
[[Natural Thinkamancy]] is innate magic. Many [[Erfworld Mechanics|mechanics]] in [[Erfworld]] relate to this magic. One example is scout units sending back intelligence.{{erf|1|084a|Parson's Klog #10}}
This magic is also important for the functioning of a [[Ruler]]. All [[Unit]]s are subject to Natural Thinkamancies: [[Obedience]], [[Loyalty]], [[Duty]], and others.{{erf|1|084a|Parson's Klog #10}}
Maggie indicated experienced Warlords can use natural thinkamancy to telepathically convey battle orders to units on the field.

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More thinkamancers have been shown than any other type of caster. Some have speculated this may indicate they have the highest probability of being popped randomly amongst the casters or some method is used to try and increase the chance. The former would fit in with the suggestion that overlords or rulers can subconsciously control when and what sort of casters are popped.

Real World References

One Thinkamancy Spell - Ephedra - apparently alleviates fatigue or works as a stimulant.Erf-b1-p104Same-site.PNG This is a reference to the herbal stimulant Ephedra which contains both ephedrine and pseudoephedrine.