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*[[History of Erfworld: Conflict]]
*[[History of Erfworld: Conflict]]
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[[Category:Fan Named]][[Category:Gobwin Knob Campaign]]

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The Gobwin Knob Campaign
Destruction of the Milquetoast Clan, The Battle of Warchalking, Battle for Gobwin Knob

The Gobwin Knob Campaign is the campaign fought between Gobwin Knob and the Royal Crown Coalition. Gobwin Knob hopes to capture all four of the Arkentools while the RCC hopes to put an end to Gobwin Knob.


The Campaign began with Stanley the Plaid's quest to find all the arkentools.

Destruction of the Milquetoast Clan

Main Article: Destruction of the Milquetoast Clan

Stanley destroyed the Milquetoast Clan in his search for the tools. This event probably sparked the formation of the Royal Crown Coalition.

The Battle of Warchalking

Main Article: The Battle of Warchalking

Led by Lord Manpower the Temporary, Gobwin Knob's forces lost the Battle of Warchalking and was reduced to just one city.

The Battle for Gobwin Knob

Main Article: Battle for Gobwin Knob

The Battle for Gobwin Knob was the turing point in the Gobwin Knob Campaign. Parson, summoned to serve as the Perfect Warlod, successfully defended the city. Gobwin Knob quickly became the richest side shortly thereafter and rapidly assembled a massive army.

Destruction of Unaroyal

Main Article: Destruction of Unaroyal

Immediatly after the Battle For Gobwin Knob, Stanley launched an assult on the side of Unaroyal and eventually destroyed the entire side.

Battle of the Expository Bridge

Main Article: Battle of the Expository Bridge

The Battle of the Expository Bridge was the first major conflict of the Gobwin Knob Campaign after the Battle for Gobwin Knob.

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