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{{Speculative Article}}
#REDIRECT [[Arkenshoes]]
Parson's Stupid Meal claimed there were four known [[Arkentool | Arkentools]] {{erf|1|039}}, but only three have been identified. What is the fourth? Are there more?
Is it possible the fourth Arkentool already been introduced but simply not identified?
Is there a fifth? If so, will it invoke its constitutional right to remain secret?
==Possible 4th Arkentools==
This would presumably allow wholesale reshaping of the terrain, as when the volcano was uncroaked.(ref. needed).
A great pun, but who would use it? A [[Gump]], perhaps?  A [[Stagemancy|Stagemancer]] (i.e. magician sawing an assistant in half)?
The 4th Arkentool could be Parson's armband. It was after he received it that he scored his greatest 'victory.'(ref. needed)
The armband did not do anything until Parson inserted his watch (ref. needed). This could provide a bilingual pun: The German word for "wristwatch" is "Armbanduhr."
*Arkenhoe (not a reference to [[Wanda]])
*Arkenallenwrench (a [[healomancy]] tool... for those too young to catch the bad pun)
==Possible Owners of the 4th Arkentool==
I'm going to stop saying (ref. needed), 'cause it's obvious.
===Parson Gotti===
He is the protagonist of the story, after all. We could imagine a scene where he gets a hold of the Arkenhammer, and it turns shiny. We'd get to call it "Maxwell's Silver Arkenhammer."
===Wanda Firebaugh===
Who says people are only allowed to attune to one arkentool? Maybe there's an 'Arkenfireball.' Or an 'Arkenroom', 'Arkencloset' or 'ArkenKohls' where a character can go to get cool new costumes.

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