The Battle of Warchalking

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The Battle of Warchalking was fought by the forces of Gobwin Knob under the direction of Chief Warlord Manpower the Temporary against a large force of Marbits. It is unclear whether Jetstone troops or other factions of Royal Crown Coalition fought alongside Marbits.

Due to an extra gem left over from when the Titans created Minty Mountains the Marbit forces were able to muster an additional squad of Axemen.Erf-b1-p001Same-site.PNG

At a critical moment in the battle, the axemen breached the right flank of Gobwin Knobs Spidew troops, which left Manpower the Temporary exposed to Marbit crossbows and got him croaked.Erf-b1-p002Same-site.PNG This caused Gobwin Knob to lose the battle.Erf-b1-p005Same-site.PNG