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*[[Lava lake]]
*[[Lava lake]]
**[[City Zones|City Zones]]
**[[City Zones]]

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Erfworld Geography
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Proposed Canon

Terrain is the type of geography that defines a Hex. There are many types of Terrain, each with unique rules governing them. For instance, some Terrain Types incur a penalty to movement by some types of Units, while other types of terrain cannot be entered except by Units with a particular Natural Ability.

Known Terrain Types

The following are known terrain types. For details on each type of terrain, follow the corresponding link:


Each Zone might be its own terrain type.

Heavy Forest and Road may be a terrain type.

Farm may be its own terrain type, or may augment a different terrain type (e.g. Mountain with farm, Hills with farm).

Mines, like Farms, may occur randomly in appropriate Hexes, either as a separate terrain type or augmenting an existing terrain type like Mountains or High Mountains.