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Documentation is at Template:Stats/doc. edit

Template to display character or city stats. Meant to somewhat resemble the way stats are displayed in the comic.


Simply include the following code in the page, filling in or deleting as needed. Only name is required, all other parameters optional.

 |regent warlord=

(City is different than all the others. With the values like "Class" and "Level", the template shows "Class" or "Level" before the value. With "City" the template shows "City" after the value. This way you can mark something as a "capital" city or "destroyed" city or "conquered" city, as the case may be)


Move: 0 (Garrison)
Hits: 12
Combat: 5
Defense: 4
Special: Fabrication
 |name= Bogroll
 |move= 0 (Garrison)
 |hits= 12
 |combat= 5
 |defense= 4
 |special= Fabrication

If the character has some rank or title (beyond simply class) it too can be added.

Chieftain Vurp
Race: Hobgobwin
Faction: Natural Ally of Gobwin Knob
Class: Knight
Rank and Titles: Chieftain
Special: Dance-Fighting
 |name= Chieftain Vurp
 |race= [[Hobgobwin]]
 |faction= [[Natural Allies|Natural Ally]] of [[Gobwin Knob]]
 |class= [[Knight]]
 |special= [[Dance-Fighting]]
Capital City
Side: Faq
Level: 4
Regent Warlord: Queen Jillian

The stats template also works for cities:

 |name= Faq
 |side= Faq
 |level= 4
 |regent warlord= Queen Jillian
 |city= Capital