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Documentation is at Template:Pager int/doc. edit

The is the "intermission" version of the pager template. There is no panel by panel set of links. Text content goes in the calling article, under the template call.


  • {{{1}}} is the page number or page name. It is mandatory. For example, "Epilogue 1".
  • (optional) {{{2}}} is the article name that goes before the page number. For example, for the Battle for Gobwin Knob pages, this is "TBFGK" as in TBFGK 1 or TBFGK 10.
  • If left blank, this option defaults to TBFGK.

Image files should be uploaded and named in the form of: "File:{{{2}}}_{{{1}}}.jpg"", that is: "File:<book name>_<page name>.jpg", for example, Book 1, Epilogue 1's file used below is named "File:TBFGK_Epilogue_1.jpg".

The text of updates using this format should go in the article itself, under the template call.


This template is for automatically generating a page header section for text updates. It generates a "next page"/"previous page" breadcrumb. It also automatically includes an image with the page.

 |page number (mandatory)
 |article prefix (optional)


{{pager int|Epilogue 1|TBFGK}}

Would display the following:

Book (TBFGK)
Page by page (Epilogue 1)

Page Info

Turn Number:10 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

Previous TBFGK 150 Next TBFGK Epilogue 2 [edit]
TBFGK Epilogue 1.jpg
Previous TBFGK 150 Next TBFGK Epilogue 2 [edit]