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<nowiki>[</nowiki>[http://wiki.erfworld.com/index.php?title=Template:{{{2|TBFGK}}}_page_info&action=edit edit]<nowiki>]</nowiki> <br>
<nowiki>[</nowiki>[http://wiki.erfworld.com/index.php?title=Template:{{{2|TBFGK}}}_page_info&action=edit edit]<nowiki>]</nowiki> <br>
Panels: [http://wiki.erfworld.com/index.php?title=Template:{{{2|TBFGK}}}_page_info&action=edit {{ {{{2|TBFGK}}}_page_info|pagenumber={{{1}}}|paramname=panels}}]<br>
Panels: [http://wiki.erfworld.com/index.php?title=Template:{{{2|TBFGK}}}_page_info&action=edit {{ {{{2|TBFGK}}}_page_info|pagenumber={{{1}}}|paramname=panels}}]<br>

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Documentation is at Template:Pager/doc. edit


  • {{{1}}} is the page number. It is mandatory.
  • (optional) {{{2}}} is the article name that goes before the page number. For example, for the Battle for Gobwin Knob pages, this is "TBFGK" as in TBFGK 1 or TBFGK 10.
  • If left blank, this option defaults to TBFGK.
  • (optional) {{{3}}} is the image extension, since there was a switch from jpg to png.

Panel specific files should use the filenames of the form File:TBFGK_3-2.jpg (for page 3, panel 2). The preferred approach is use of the auto-cropping function; in which case, the filename should be of the form File:TBFGK_37.jpg and the entire page is uploaded as a single file. The easiest way to get the file right is to just create a page that will include the paneler template first, and then use the link.

The template relies on "magic numbers" data in the function templates Template:TBFGK_page_info (book 1), Template:First_Intermission_page_info (book 1½-ish), Template:LIAB_page_info (book 2), Template:IPTSF_page_info (book 0), and Template:Hamstard_page_info (book √(-1), the Hamstard comics)


This template is for automatically generating a "next page"/"previous page" breadcrumb. It also automatically includes an image with the page.

 |page number (mandatory)
 |article prefix (optional, defaults to TBFGK)
 |image extention (optional, defaults to jpg)



Would display the following page.

Book (TBFGK)
Page by page (2)
Panel by panel (2:1)

Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:1 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

Previous TBFGK 1 Next TBFGK 3 [edit]

TBFGK 2.jpg
TBFGK 3.jpg

Panels: 13
Previous TBFGK 1 Next TBFGK 3 [edit]

Panel 1

Lord Manpower the Temporary,[1] wearing black armor with his crest of 3 concentric red circles, sits astride a spidew mount, gesturing off-panel and shouting orders. Beside him, also riding a spidew, sits a determined-looking gobwin.[2] There is a third spidew in the background. The sky is a clear blue, flecked with cloud.[edit]

Narrator: ...which left Lord Manpower the Temporary, Stanley's last Warlord, exposed to enemy crossbows.

Manpower the Temporary: Prepare to counterattack. Protect the siege engines.

Panel 2

The Spidew and Lord Manpower are sillhouetted against the blue sky. A black streak arcs through the air into Manpower's head.[3][edit]
Sound: THWUPP [edit]

Panel 3

Manpower continues to stare blankly forward, one of his eyes glazed over, the other replaced by a white-fletched bolt. In the background, his Gobwin companion stares at him in shock.[edit]
(There is no text in this panel.) [edit]

Panel 4

(beat panel) Manpower continues to stare blankly forward, one of his eyes glazed over, the other replaced by a white-fletched bolt. In the background, his Gobwin companion stares at him in shock.[edit]
(There is no text in this panel.) [edit]

Panel 5

Manpower the Temporary continues to stare forward, unmoving.[edit]

Gobwin: My lord...?

Manpower the Temporary: I can taste key lime pie.[4]

Panel 6

Finally, Manpower falls forward, his face hitting the back of his spidew mount as the Gobwin's eyes follow him. The head of the bolt protrudes gruesomely from the back of his head. However, there is no sign of bleeding.[5][edit]
Sound: WHUMPF [edit]

Panel 7

A perfectly winding road juts improbably off the side of a steep volcano on the clear day. A ring of clouds encircles the peak of the volcano, where the tops of buildings can be seen.[6] The sides of the mountain are brown and lifeless.[edit]

Narrator: And that

made a bad day a great deal worse

...for Lord Stanley's Chief Croakamancer: Wanda Firebaugh.[7]

Panel 8

Wanda Firebaugh,[8] a human woman, walks down a corridor vaguely reminiscent of the internal organ of some enormous creature. The oddly organic-looking walls are ribbed with bones. Wanda is dressed in a revealing robe, black on the sides with a jagged white pattern running down the front, edged in rich red. The sides of the robe are split high, and the bodice low-cut. The robe is laced up the back. In her hair is a white band with a decorative skull on the front. She is carrying a book[9] on her hip. She looks annoyed.[edit]
Sound: QUACK [edit]

Panel 9

Her face unreadable, Wanda reaches for the small quacking book at her hip.[edit]
Sound: QUACK [edit]

Panel 10

Wanda opens the book, revealing lines of text reminiscent of an instant messenger program: black words headered by a blue nickname.[edit]

Sound: QUACK

(Eyebook) OverLord1: Yo

(Eyebook) OverLord1: manpwr bit it @ warchalking :(

(Eyebook) OverLord1: need u 2 uncroak him an find smoebody[10] new 2 lead army

Panel 11

Her face still blank, Wanda looks into the distance for a moment, holding the book idly.[edit]
(There is no text in this panel.) [edit]

Panel 12

Wanda hangs her head, lowering the book and sighing.[edit]
(There is no text in this panel.) [edit]

Panel 13

A new line of text, headed by Wanda's name written in red, appears in the book beneath the rest of the writing.[edit]

(Eyebook) Wanda: I live to serve, my Lord.

Sound: PLOIP