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<noinclude>'''{{{1}}} is the chapter, {{{2}}} is the page number. So if you enter <nowiki>{{Latest_Update/page|LIAB|2}}</nowiki>, you'd get Love Is a Battelfield, Page 2. BfGK|13 would be Battle for Gobwin Knob page 13. For the text updates, just do <nowiki>{{Latest_Update/page|LIAB|Text 2}}</nowiki> would give you [[LIAB Text 2]]'''<P>[[Category:Main Page Template]]
Sdonus great to me BWTHDIK
</noinclude>''{{{1}}} Page [[{{{1}}}_{{{2}}}|{{{2}}}]]''<br>[[File:{{{1}}}_{{{2}}}.jpg|link={{{1}}}_{{{2}}}|500x500px|]]<br>

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Sdonus great to me BWTHDIK