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{{Latest_Update/page|LIAB|Text 31}}
{{Latest_Update/page|LIAB|Text 31}}
Some days bring bad news.
Other days turn into a relentless series of awful revelations. The shocks keep coming. You think they'll never stop hitting you.
Yet this day had started out so well.
[[Sizemore Rockwell|Sizemore]] had awakened in a dewy haystack, to the cheery chirping of finches. [[Uhura]] had left a wooden bowl full of blueberries on top of a tree stump for him, but she was nowhere in sight. His [[ration]]s of rye loaf, cold spring water, a hard-boiled egg and a strip of beef jerky had popped beside the fruit. He sat on the stump and ate with his fingers, watching the birds squabble and preen.
He thought about Uhura, who had chosen him as her companion for the evening. She was a smooth, powerful woman with mocha skin and a swirl of black hair. A [[Date-a-mancy|Date-a-mancer]]. She was beautiful, and he loved her.
"Love" meant so little and so much. For the [[Hippiemancy|Hippiemancer]]s, their casual [[Date-a-mancy]] was only one expression of the love they each felt for one another. Intimate, but to most of them it only meant the same thing as a hug.
Uhura had said she wanted him because she knew he was lonely.
"Oh, no," he had protested. "I'm happy enough just to be here. Don't feel you have to cure me of loneliness."
She had laughed. "I won't cure you! No, I just think it would be interesting to be with a lonely man."
<br>'''((([[LIAB_Text_31|Text 31]])))'''

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