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'The City of Gobwin Knob from Page 121.'

Proposed Canon

Cities are fixed locations in Erfworld. They can produce units and provide Shmuckers for a side's treasury, and they also provide some defense in combat.

Some cities are capitals for Capital Sides.

Cities, like Units, have Levels; the lowest being level 1 and the highest being level 5. A city's level determines, in large part, its size and the strength of its defenses. However, this does not take into account natural terrain modifiers. For example, Gobwin Knob's terrain makes it a far tougher defensive position than other level 5 cities. In the same way, it is theoretically possible for a low-level city, due to its terrain, to be as tough as an unmodified Level 5. Shmuckers can be used to pay for the growth or change of a city. Damaged cities lose levels. Higher-level cities are better defended.Erf-b1-p133Same-site.PNG A city's level does not necessarily take into account its true defensive strength.

Cities come replete with buildings, but no civilian inhabitants; no 'populace.' Units popped in the city or brought in from outside may live in the buildings, and they may also be used for storage, but they are not houses with families, or shops, etc. They are popped empty and remain so until filled by the city's garrison.

Capital cities are usually ruled by the ruler of a side. When a ruler dies without an heir, the cities of that side become neutral. Units inside these cities are not allowed to move, attack, cast spells: they are essentially frozen in time, at the mercy of attackers.

Destroyed cities may be claimed by either an HeirErf-b1-p083Same-site.PNG or Warlords of another SideErf-b1-p078Same-site.PNG. A destroyed city is not the same as a ruin.

Unit Production

The ruler sets the unit production for the city. Each city can produce certain types of units, depending on the side that built the city, and the level of that city.

For example, Gobwin Knob cities can produce warlords and spidews at level two but can never produce gwiffons. Bigger units take longer to produce.Erf-b1-p043aSame-site.PNG Cities ruled by a royal can produce royals and nobles.

A ruler may also pop an heir in this way, but this takes a tremendous number of turns.


Main Article: Regent

A Warlord can be assigned to manage a city. Having a Regent Warlord boost city income and reduces unit upkeep, among other things. To gain this bonus, the Warlord must walking around the city, observing or "supervising," as it were. First Intermission 35